Tuesday, May 2, 2017


The class was an interesting challenge and was made easier I feel due to my group mates being Lyanni and Sam who were just as motivated. Designing the transpiration was a fun, but difficult task in the class. We had the fortune to work together well and easily come to conclusions on designs and what we believed would be efficient. The first test piece made was the easiest to handle and most enjoyable due to lack of impending time constraints. We had done an upside-down pyramid so that the plant can still get partially self-watered. This proved to be a worthwhile idea to pursue as our groups peace lily was one of the longest living ones till it fell over. I felt the class also stepped away from the science aspect of the project to quickly and got treated as more of just an art project.
            Construction of the final design proved interesting as blueprints had to be made to cut out on the CNC. We had to estimate the size of device and scale the 3d model of it for translating the dimensions. We did run into a small problem where I had miss measured the trough section of the device, making it two inches smaller all around. Many problems occurred during the cutting process of the acrylic as well. This was compounded by the fact the acrylic arrived later than desired, giving us only a week to properly work on the structure, accounting for mistakes of course. The final product while not the most desirable still achieved part of the initial intention, while unintentionally solving the problem of our acrylic section of our device not being stable enough.

 Over all the class was an interesting challenge that allowed the use of many methods and tools to achieve the desired goals. It was an interesting working of the brain for problem solving. Steps I would have definitely done differently would be having taken more properly taken the time of transferring the 3d model of the device to blueprint form and triple check for errors and correct angles.

Week 2 Notes

Xylem -Vascular tissue veins which carry the water and dissolved minerals

       Made up of trachieds

Cohesion- Molecular attraction by which the particles of a body are united throughout the mass

Adhesion - prevents gravity from pulling the column of intertwined water molecules from being pulled back down towards the roots.

Osmosis - bonded molecules that move from from location to another in seeking of more room to spread.

5 and 2 simotaniously, 3 and 1 simotaniously



Thursday, January 12, 2017


How much does the bag affect the plants health?
Will the sealed transpiration process cause dehydration in the plant?
Do certain plants leave a heavier concentration of minerals to gather at the bottom?
How long does it take for the plant to transpire all the water from the bag?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

3D Print

3 prints were done total. First one was a test print without cannons with the next two have the cannons on. I made the supports to small for the printer and the cannons failed on both prints. The black print was from the CubeX, which came out solid overall but not enough support in the bottom. The blue was done of the Robo to see if the results were different. For some reason the Robo did no print the front right section of the model, otherwise the results were largely the same.

Project 1 Update

The building has been redesigned to be more cylindrical but still keep its triangular form from the top. In the second image the windows have been made to resemble more of the designs of the buildings in Masdar City. The final image is the planned layout of the entire building. Each tower increases successively by 50% with the points of the buildings congregating towards the center.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Project 1 Proposal

For my proposal the location I chose was Masdar City, United Arab Emirates. The buildings main purpose would be to  house large events, provide occomadations for visitors, and an overall gathering place. It is to be a cylindrical tower with three pillars that travel from top to bottom and linked together by a spiraling tube. There will be a series of three towers with increasing heights and a congregating field in between them all.

Revolution Tower, Panama 

Mode Gakeun Spiral Towers, Japan